If you are interested in helping in any of the following areas, please contact Mrs. Whitfield either by email or phone: 321-723-0741 ext: 5915

Note: For Faculty Wish Lists -- Volunteer Donations
To receive volunteer credit, please send in the receipt with your name as well as your student's name.
If you have a common name like Jones or Brown, please include your middle initial.

Volunteer hours will be credited to you for attendance at the meeting.

We are in need of registered volunteers to help in classrooms and as chaperones.
To become registered you need to be fingerprinted by the Brevard Public School system. Take a Photo ID to the School Board of Brevard County in Viera at, 2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way. The phone number there is 633-1000 ext 796. The hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 8:30am– 4:00pm. The cost is $47.00 if paying by personal check or $57.25 if using
a credit card.

Opportunity: Students Learning With iPads!

Screen shot 2011-11-17 at 1.42.18 PM
Update: We are making progress!
(read more)
One of our goals this year is provide teachers and students with a project-based learning lab using the Apple iPad 2. These are amazing devices that make learning, reading, watching and creating so engaging and immersive. With specialized equipment that desktops and laptops don't have (geolocation, accelerometer, compass, gyroscopes) and an intuitive touch interface, the iPad 2 is in a category of its own as a personal communications, data gathering, media creation and consumption device.

Unfortunately, school funding for technology has only permitted us to buy 10 iPad 2's at this time. About a dozen of our staff have purchased iPads on their own or have been issued iPads– and they are very excited to use them with your students. We hope to purchase at least 10 more iPads before the end of the first semester, and we have about half the money required to do so- we need another $2000. But don't let that scare you… we have scaled this down to smaller bite size chunks. And the students can even begin using the 10 iPads as soon as we have some of the smaller things taken care of.

In addition to purchase of the iPads, we need about $300 for iPad covers (protection against breakage), and a couple $100 of startup money for low cost apps (the apps cost less than $5 each, but 5 X 20 iPads = $100).

We present this to you as an exciting goal and project that that we would love to have parents help on. If you know of a grant, local business partner, or funding source, please contact Mr. Shupe. It may be that you would like to sponsor an iPad, a $20 donation for iPad cover, or $10 iTunes gift card for App purchases. We welcome your suggestions!

We will award one hour volunteer time for each $10 value contribution to this project.

Opportunity: General School Needs

Our Bookkeeper, Ms. Olsen has put out a request for:
  • HIGH IMPORTANCE: November 30th, Stone is holding a Principles meeting ( 30 PRINCIPLES) in the MEDIA CENTER 12:00 till 4:00. We will provide drinks, chips, fruit and finger sandwiches.. I need TWO parents to do the SET UP, SERVE, BREAK DOWN.
  • Christmas Party: Give Aways, gift certificates, for the teachers. You can drop it off the items with the receipt at the front office for volunteer hours. Please remember to put your name on the receipt.
  • FCAT Block Party: (4 needed) Hand out soda’s in the café during this party event..I don’t have the date on this yet. Donations of canned soda, small bags of chips for the Block Party, bottled water (800)
  • Spring Fling: Liter Soda bottles, Small snack/chip bags, plastic cups, need to give one to each child attending (300)
  • Front Office: Paper Plates, Plastic Utensils, Coffee-anykind, Plastic cups, bottled water for the front office
  • FCAT testing: bottled water (800)… deliver to front office.

Opportunity: The Media Center

Staff Member: Dr. Dawn Bronstein
  • Adopt a shelf (one or two parents commit to this activity)
  • Media Center Book Fair. This will be daytime hours at the end of February. If I can get someone who can be available for a lot of during that week, it would be helpful to have one person in charge of managing the money. Other volunteers will be needed to set up the book fair and monitor as classes come through.
  • January - We will need (1 –2) volunteers each day for our inventory process. This could be an hour or two one day during inventory week (school hours) or multiple days. The job is pulling out and scanning books.
  • Our professional library for teachers needs to be moved and organized in its new space. I have cleared the shelves for the new location already with the volunteers who helped box those novels at the beginning of the year. It would require a few hours of work but it could be done in small chunks of activity anytime the media center is open during the day. I would just need to set up an appointment for a first meeting to explain the activity to one or two parents who could commit to this activity

Opportunity: Music Department • Concerts!

Staff Member: Ms. Jennifer Rock & Mr. Lee
Volunteer Assigned-

Ms. Rock
  • I am planning a Spaghetti Dinner on the night of the Band & Orchestra concert, Thursday, December 1st. I will need a lot of parental help from 4-8pm that evening. Additionally, we will need donations of spaghetti and Ragu Original Spaghetti sauce.
  • I will need 5 Parent volunteers at my Winter Chorus Concert from 6-8pm to help pass out programs, record the concert video, etc. Non-chorus parents are welcome as most of the Chorus parents probably want to focus on seeing their kids sing.
Mr. Lee
12/8• 4:30-8:30 – 10 volunteers - Some non-music parents, please! - Spaghetti dinner – cafeteria - 12/8 • 6pm-8:30ish - 5 chaperones- -Both sexes Please (potential heavy lifting) –gym 2/23 • 6:30-8ish- -3 chaperones - Pre-MPA concert - Orchestra only - Media Center 3/1 or 2 or 3 - 5 chaperones - Bus ride - MPA orchestra Early March - Pre-MPA concert - 5 chaperones - Bus ride – EGHS - 5:30-8:30 ish 3/20 or 21 - 5 chaperones - Band MPA - Bus ride 5/10 •6pm-8:30ish - Minimum of 5 chaperones - Both sexes please (potential heavy lifting) - Spring concert gym

Opportunity: Spring Fling • A Red Carpet Affair

Staff Member: Mrs. Kelly Persing
Volunteer Assigned –

Spring Fling is the school's
Junior Prom
May from 8 pm - 12 pm
to be determined

Chaperone Team:
We need as many
chaperones as we can get! We hope to have at least 35 for the night and the more that are fingerprinted the better, especially need male chaperones that are fingerprinted.

Opportunity: AVID Program • Tutoring

Staff Member: Ms. Melissa Grabowski
Volunteer Assigned-

  • Need a sponsorship for t-shirts for AVID
  • In need of student supplies for end of year project:
  • sheet protectors (10,000 needed - will accept ANY)
  • various scrapbooking supplies (scrapbook paper, colored card stock, embellishments)
  • GLUE DOTS - lots and lots and lots (any size/type)
  • Notebook paper - college ruled
  • Multi-colored Duct Tape - THE FUNKIER THE PATTERN, THE BETTER :-)
  • Various colors of printer paper
  • Boxes of Kleenex
EMail Ms. Grabowski regarding mentoring for AVID

Supplies- We also need 3" Three Ring Binders

Opportunity: Science Research • Supporting Science Education

Staff Member: Mr. Rich Regan

  • Clean up green house
  • Need help cleaning aqualab tanks
  • GermX hand sanitizer – original scent
  • windex wipes
  • double sided clear tape
  • windex spray bottle
  • staple gun – Arrow JT21 1⁄4”
  • 409 Spray Bottle
  • paper towels

Opportunity: Intensive Reading Program

Staff Member: Elisa Burden
Volunteer: None Assigned

Baby wipes, paper towels, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, printer paper,index cards,large white labels.

I also welcome age appropriate magazines(less than 6 months old) and used young adult books for our classroom library. Thank you!

Opportunity: Support the Arts!

Staff Member: Michael Maurice
Volunteer: None Assigned
Mr. Maurice can always use Tempura Paint and Brushes of All Sizes

Opportunity: Technology Education

  • Please donate used toner and ink cartridges as well as digital cameras and cell phones to our front office or Mr. Shupe in room 309.
Faculty Wish List -- Volunteer Donations 5/8/12

Faculty are doing various projects with students and need supplies. You can earn volunteer hours by helping or bringing in items from the list below. Please attach the name of the teacher you are bringing the items in for on the bag/box. For every $5.00 = 1 hour of volunteer time earned
and include the receipt with your name and your student's name on it so I can record your hours. You can bring them to the front office for a convenient drop off.

Marcia Bentley -
I need about 10 pair of scissors, bottles of hand sanitizer, colored
printing paper, scrapbook paper, 10 rulers and Velcro pieces, report covers,
and sheet protectors, Interactive notebook-(making notebook from loose leaf paper) and the
foldable border

Art Blanchet - pencils, pastel or colored copy paper.  Need bindings (scrapbooking paper or wallpaper samples) and glue and college-ruled paper for IANS.  Need help assembling mini-text books (classroom text tear out).  Mints.  A quality pencil sharpener

Dr. Dawn Bronstein – (Media Center) -- “Adopt a shelf “ - come in anytime to straighten a shelf
Old jeans of any type to be used to make cushions for the window seats in the Media Center. Need people to cut the jeans into squares, some to sew and assemble.

The Next Media Center Book Fair will be in January. Hours will count for second semester.

Elisa Burden- hand sanitizer and boxes of tissues

Diane Coleman - paper towels, tissues, reams of colored copying paper - orange, bright blue, bright green, bright yellow, bright pink, lavender

Brian Daly pencils and notebook paper and tissues

Susan Deschaine – 12 “ rulers and markers, copy paper, pencils, pens, glue-sticks (6-12), poster paper

Patricia Dooley- 10 bottles of school glue

Melissa Grabowski - AVID tutors (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:30AM - 12:15PM, and 1:45PM - 4:15PM) Parent Volunteer needed every Friday:  Last hour of the day (3:15 - 4:15PM) to assist with recycling efforts Sponsor needed for the 2012 AVID t-shirts
colored duct tape
whiteboard markers (all colors for student use) 6 presentation easels (for weekly student presentations) 6 whiteboards (for weekly student presentations)
Gerard Heid - basket-balls

Antonia Hunt - Paper towels, Colored Pencils, Zip lock bags (all sizes), Clear contact paper
All purpose flour, Powdered sugar, Large easel pads, Paper plates (small and large), plastic ware (spoons, forks), Plastic cups, (small and large)

Jill Johnson - band-aids, kick-balls (regular and large) volleyballs Double Dutch Jump Ropes!
and beach balls

Jennifer Martin - kleenex, hand sanitizer, chlorox wipes, school scissors, construction paper, notebook paper, pencils, copy paper, pens, colored pencils, colored paper, scrapbooking paper

Dana McLauren - One subject spiral notebooks, pencils, pens any color, Notebook paper (college or wide), Copy paper (white or any colors), cap eraser for pencils, Kleenex,

Denise Olson - can soda’s, small bags of chips for the Block Party, bottled water (800)
Spring Fling:  Liter Soda bottles, Small snack/chip  bags, plastic cups, need to give one to each child attending (300)
Front Office: Paper Plates,  Plastic Utensils,  Coffee-anykind,  Plastic cups, bottled water for the front office

Karen Regan tissues, paper towels, $100.00 to complete the cost to supply a set of science magazines to be circulated in all the science classes,

Rich Regan - Paper Towels , Kleenex, GermX hand sanitizer – original scent, windex wipes, double sided clear tape, windex spray bottle, staple gun – Arrow JT21 ¼”, 409 Spray Bottle, scissors, rulers

Jennifer Rock – bottles of water, bottles of Gatorade and granola bars for the Chorus Field Trip on May 15 to Disney

Sarah Scott paper

Jerry Serna, Notebook paper and scissors, copy paper

-Gordon Shupe – iTune gift cards
Heidi Targee-Heid - paper towels, cheap sketchbooks (prefer. 81/2 x 11") about 10-15 of them, 16” x 20” stretched canvases for students in need,

Jim Warthen – Kleenex tissues, paper, scissors, paper towels, 409 wipes, baby wipes. Lysol wipes, windex spray bottles, pencis, pens, notebook paper, AA batteries,

Cindy Washington a couple of heavy duty hole punchers.

Marilyn Wren - tissues available. hand sanitizer / pump bottles.  
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