Educational Technology Philosophy

Stone Educational Technology Philosophy

technology |tekˈnäləjē| noun- the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.

The priority for technology (and the technology staff) at Stone is to support learning.

Endeavor to find the best (most effective, efficient) tool for the job.

Everyone is a lifelong learner and should have both access and opportunity
for both formal and informal training as needed.

Technology shouldn't be a separate subject,
but the use of tools and procedures to learn with in every lesson, every day.

Technology shouldn’t be a separate subject.

More than computers...
At Stone Middle School, when we talk about technology, it is much more than computers– we think of technology as tools that amplify our senses and extend our capabilities. For instance the human eye can see that skin is not perfectly smooth. However, with the use of a tool designed to magnify our skin (microscope), proper illumination, a tool called scale bar, and a procedure of counting a section of skin for estimation, one can determine number of pores, hair follicles, their size and color.

Technology allows us to:
  • Do things not possible with our natural faculties alone
  • Do things more effectively and efficiently
  • Do things to a higher standard of excellence

Historically, educational technology has been viewed primarily as a better way to get things done:
keeping grades, publishing progress reports, creating and revising worksheets and assessments, delivering content to the students, etc.

This is certainly a valid and valuable use of technology; However, in the midst of these administrative uses of technology,
Stone Middle School intends to focus on student access to technology and on students acquiring technology skills and knowledge.

Overview Video Produced by Students of Technology at Stone

Achievement Through Technology & Innovation Report

The following report was a document produced during the 2010 school year
for the purpose of showing how technology at Stone Middle School
is empowering students and teachers for educational endeavors.
Technology | a great place to learn
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