Year Overview of the Schedule Rotations

Stone Middle School has a Rotating Schedule each week, so that students will not have the same class at the end of the day each day of the year.
Displayed below is an index to our rotating schedule observed each week for the current school year. This should help you plan your doctor's appointments, etc.

Rotation This Week:

Fixed Periods

As seen below:
Our 1st period and 4th period always occur the same time of day, but the other periods rotate up until they reach 2nd hour, then they go to the end of the day again.

Lunch Schedule

The students also have lunch with the same teacher each day. Their 5th Period Class Teacher has an assigned lunch period which meets during one of the below time periods:

A. 12:08 - 12:38

B. 12:24 - 12:54

C. 12:40 - 1:10

D. 12:56 - 1:26
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