Stone Middle School's enrollment fluctuates around 800 students throughout the year.

Stone Middle School employs
  • 3 Administrators
  • 60 teachers
  • 31 other aides and
    non-instructional staff (school nurses, custodians, lunchroom employees, etc.).
Four of our staff are National Board Certified and many of our staff hold advanced degrees.

We currently do not have any teachers teaching courses that they are not certified for, however, we have several that lack special endorsements for the course that they teach.

All of the teachers that lack special endorsements are actively taking classes to
achieve this status:

  • Pursuing ESOL Endorsement:
    Ms. Tia Wilkerson
Technology Facts
In 1993, Stone (at that time a JHS) applied for a competitive grant to become a Florida Department of Education Retrofit for Technology School. Our school's retrofit grant was rated number two in the state! In November of 1995, contractors completed the installation of fiber optic connections between buildings with category 5 wire within the buildings. In 2008, a second major retrofit project was completed upgrading our network with category 6e, far more IDF’s (Intermediate Distribution Facilities), and many more wired drops.

Nearly every room has at least two separate Cat 6e boxes with four data ports for phone or data. Each teacher has a phone, classroom Macintosh and MacBook Air computer and printer to improve the education and communication opportunities with our students and their families.

As one of Brevard County's Smart Schools, our school is connected to district-wide area network with a 100 Megabit link. We were the first school in Brevard to provide wireless access campus-wide within buildings and common areas. As a part of our Federal Magnet School Grant, we now boast the newest AC broadband wireless with 10 GB fiber between buildings. Our STEAM grant will also provide MacBook Airs for each student during the 2014-2015 School Year.
Each classroom is equipped with a ceiling mounted LCD projector, audio enhancement system, document camera and video conferencing capability. We have 10 SMART Interactive Whiteboards and 8 student response systems.

We currently operate 4 OS X servers, 2 Windows 2003 servers, FilemakerPro server, and Studywiz server.

We operate 8 full class computer labs with a total of more than 50 Windows XP and 400 Macs on our local area network. We also have 22 iPads in a project Lab and approximately 20 individual iPads in use by teachers. Our
Studywiz server allows teachers to use a dozen activity tools to create an entirely digital curriculum/classroom workflow.
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