Message from Our Principal
Dear Parent/Guardian,

Brevard Public Schools is currently preparing for system accreditation renewal. This process includes many phases, one of which requires surveying stakeholders to identify areas for the school system to improve and areas to continue to be effective. Each school must provide parents, students, and staff members the opportunity to participate in the survey process.

The AdvancED parent survey is available in both an electronic and paper format. Whenever possible, parents are asked to complete the electronic version due to the capability of AdvancED to process the results in an expedient manner. Paper copies of the survey are available through the school office. Upon return, the completed surveys will be mailed by the school district to AdvancED for processing.

There are five sections on the survey, each representing one of the AdvancED Standards for Quality School Systems. The survey provides a means for learning about parent expectations of a high-quality school system. Please note on the parent survey when the term “governing body” is stated, AdvancED is referring to the school board, not the school administrative team. The school board serves as the governing body for the school district.

Each school must have a certain amount of parents participating in the survey.

A notification of the survey will also be sent to parents with a valid email address on file with the school.

Your cooperation and support in completing the parent survey will be greatly appreciated.


Misty Bland