Home Screen of iPads in Stone's iPad Lab

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Stone Middle School Teachers are encouraged to take a look at the apps in their study area, try them out on their own iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, or check out a school iPad to prepare for checking out the iPad Cart for a student activity. Talk to Mr. Shupe about your student activity and the workflow involved. Reserve the dates that you want to use the iPad lab with your students.

Apps Organized (somewhat) by Content Area or Task
hover over the shelf items to pause the cycling animation and read the hint to see the title of the app folder

  • Photography and Video Apps
  • General Education Apps
  • Apps for the Arts
  • Language and Language Arts Apps
  • Creative Expressions Apps
  • Note Taking Apps
  • Math Apps
  • General Science Apps
  • Life Science Apps
  • Earth & Space Apps
  • Social Studies Apps
  • The Library • Resources
  • Measure and Calculate
  • ESOL & Language Apps
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