Brevard's Division of Educational Technology recognizes Stone Middle School for Exceptional Technology Integration 
At a school board meeting this summer Stone Middle School’s Principal was presented with Brevard County’s Achievement Through Technology And INnovation Award (ATTAIN). Two other secondary schools employ technology to support and improve learning, teaching, and administration.
One of the resources that has helped Stone Middle School staff and students to achieve this recognition was a ten year history of having campus-wide wireless access. The $1500 cash award has been used upgrade our older B/G specification wireless network to the N specification. This means greater bandwidth and higher density wireless device use is possible.

The purpose of this award is to identify and promote outstanding technology practices in Brevard Public Schools. Consistent with the national standards put forth by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), the award endorses efforts aimed at ensuring the necessary conditions to effectively leverage technology for teaching and learning. 
More specifically, the award seeks to recognize and uphold the following attributes associated with ISTE’s Essential Conditions:

  • Shared Vision—Proactive leadership in developing a shared vision for educational technology among school personnel, students, parents, and the community

  • Implementation Planning—A systemic plan aligned with a shared vision for school effectiveness and student learning through the infusion of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and digital learning resources

  • Skilled Personnel—Educators and support staff skilled in the use of ICT appropriate for their job responsibilities

  • Ongoing Professional Learning—Technology-related professional learning plans and opportunities with dedicated time to practice and share ideas

  • Student-Centered Learning—Use of ICT to facilitate engaging approaches to learning

  • Engaged Communities—Partnerships and collaboration within the community to support the use of ICT and digital resources.

Stone’s application for this recognition and the video submitted to highlight some of the unique ways that we are using our technology to enhance learning are available on our website:
Download our ATTAIN Application
View our Student Produced Video:

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